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Career Advice Interview Questions and the Appropriate Reply; The following are questions you will most likely be asked on an interview. It is a good idea to prepare and rehearse the answers to these questions so that you feel comfortable answering them during an interview.

1. Tell me about yourself.
Be precise and answer this question wisely. The client is asking you this question only to analyze what you have to offer the company. This question is meant for you to talk about your skills and abilities to do the job.

2. What are your strengths?
Tell the employer about what you do best and the positive work values that you'll bring to the job. Here you need to be honest and again keep in mind the industry that you are referring too. There are certain qualities which are best attributed to a particular industry.

3. What are your weaknesses?
Give the employer something that is not really a weakness, but rather something that you are compelled to do. Example - "I'm a perfectionist".

4. Why do you want to work here?
Give the employer reasons why you chose to apply for the job. Here it requires you to have done some considerable amount of homework. For instance, talk about the company and the impact of its brand in the present market. Or else illustrate that the job fits your skills and you know that you can make a significant contribution to the company.

5. What is your greatest accomplishment?
This can be a school-related achievements or something outside of school in your personal life.

6. Why should I hire you?
Talk about your skills and achievements(preferably career related) Be honest, as the interviewer always has a way to verify the statements that you make. Self -Confidence Self confidence is the difference between feeling unstoppable and feeling scared out of your wits.
- Your perception of yourself has an enormous impact on how others perceive you. Perception is reality - the more self confidence you have, the more likely it is you'll succeed.
- Lack of self - confidence, is not always related to lack of ability. It can also be the result of focusing too much on the unrealistic expectations or standards set by others, including parents, friends, relatives and the society.
- We must not allow our good feeling of being confident to depend upon others approval. If we do so, we will make our self-confidence depend upon how other people feel or act or assess us.
- We should be constantly building our self-confidence and the following suggestion can help.
- Make it a point to be always best dressed. You should dress like the person whose impression you want to give to others. Shakespeare rightly said-'Apparel oft proclaimed the man'.
- You can evaluate a person, by his posture or his walk. An energetic or purposeful person will accordingly have that kind of confident walk and posture. Pay attention to your posture and try to always look eager, important and purposeful.
- Use positive affirmation to build self-confidence. The way to use affirmation is to repeat the statements to you, either silently or loudly.
- Never think negatively about yourself. Think well of others.
- Compliment people around you. In the process, you shall become wall like and build up your self-confidence of others. By viewing and declaring the best in others, you indirectly bring out the best in yourself.
- During meetings, seminars and discussions make it a point, to state your point of view, whenever there an opportunity.
- We all need confidence boosting from time to time. The sooner, the problems with low self-confidence are dealt with, better it will be for our life and work, as otherwise, lack of it can effectively ruin our lives and retard us in our work and career.

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